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LEGO Bridge Building
Working as a team is the key to success

LEGO® BRIDGE BUILDING is based on the trial & error methodology  where participants are asked to build the largest, most robust and stylish bridge, being innovative and creative. Only the teams that behave as a real team, and are seeking to take risks and fail fast, are able to move forward and

LEGO BRIDGE BUILDING is the ultimate workshop for teams willing to improve their abilities in the areas of communication and teamwork. Participants will experience first hand the value of working as a team.

The value of this workshop is the personalization and alignment of the debrief with the message that the client wants to convey. We know that each client is unique and so are their needs. Therefore, we listen carefully, understand your unique needs and define together the objectives to be met.

  • Indoor & Outdoor

  • Group: 10 - 300 participants

  • Duration: 60 - 90 min

  • Personalized debrief

Best for
  • Team work

  • Comunication

  • Innovation

"Thank you very much for the job well done. I knew what we would do but not the result we would get"

Executive Director. Automotive company

Teambuilding LEGO

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