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RE-TURN to society with valuable programs that help reduce the impact of the crisis.

The business environment is changing hence Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability are reaching a new stage that goes from quick and simple activities adopted by few companies to the regulatory requirements in environmental, social, fiscal and labor matters.

To create a real impact, companies not only have to communicate their values, but also reinforce them and gain visibility performing initiatives with real impact in the community.

Our contribution consists of designing and implementing Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability plans for the best organizations, ensuring an aligned purpose, creating value and measuring their real impact.   

How do we achieve this, successfully? We develop customized solutions, turnkey and with great visibility for your organization, that are mainly implemented in schools: where we have the opportunity to make better citizens. There, is where we have a great impact in essential agents for development, such as teachers, students and families.


15 years of experience in CSR and our clients speak for us. Thus, we want to explain you some of our successful stories.


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Programas RSC


RSC Empresas
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Spread Volvo 2020 mission

We contributed to spread the new Volvo Cars' mission "Nobody should be seriously injured with a new Volvo vehicle".


We designed a program that took place in schools, aimed at students in elementary. In this program, participants built and programmed a vehicle that incorporated Volvo technologies to protect people. In addition, all participants actively developed imaginative solutions to improve driving safety.

We got all participants to internalize 2020 vision and to learn, the mission of the Volvo engineers, in order to save lives.


6 editions with more than 18,900 kids participating.

Sustainable Development Goals covered:

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RSC Empresas
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Bring closer to young people the business world and the figure of the entrepreneur

We brought the business world to young people, hand to hand with the best entrepreneurs and managers in Madrid thanks to Rafael del Pino Foundation.


We planed student-manager dialogues in high school classrooms where managers and entrepreneurs, discussed the values ​​of entrepreneurship and the importance of the social value for companies face-to-face.

Thousands of students better understood the position of the companies, how a manager day to day is, and at the same time, managers had the opportunity to know first-hand young people and schools' reality.


We talked with young people in a motivating way about business reality, the value of entrepreneurship and how companies fulfill the objectives of sustainable development.


7 editions, with more than 65,000 young participants.

Sustainable Development Goals covered:

Voluntariado corporativo
Bring closer robotics and programming through corporate volunteering
S_SDG goals_icons-individual-cmyk-04.jpg
S_SDG goals_icons-individual-cmyk-09.jpg

We encouraged students to learn key values ​​in the SAP company such as robotics and coding.


We designed a program where SAP employees voluntarily participated and taught robotics and computer programming to primary students, always respecting their level and speed of learning.


We fulfilled a double mission; students learned robotics and programming and by taking employees to schools they discovered by themselves the social dimension of the company they worked at.


In a playful way, students felt motivated discovering the fundamentals of coding and volunteers felt its positive impact on the community while strengthening their commitment to the company.

Sustainable Development Goals covered:

Proyectos Responsabilidad Social Corporativa
Raise awareness about the importance of aviation safety and green landings

We contributed to disseminate the value of Enaire's Foundation mission to make society understand the importance of air control for our security.


In addition, we contributed to explain that Enaire not only makes sure that our airspace is safe, but also that the planes land in Spain do so with minimal environmental and acoustic contamination. In this program, participants from primary school, simulated the green landings designed by Enaire. They became air traffic controllers at airports themselves, visited the control tower and provided imaginative ideas to improve flight safety.

We managed to sensitize students and teachers to the importance of air traffic controllers and how Enaire takes care of our safety in an environmentally sustainable way.


6 editions, with more than 23,850 kids participating.


Sustainable Development Goals covered:

S_SDG goals_icons-individual-cmyk-04.jpg
S_SDG goals_icons-individual-cmyk-09.jpg
S_SDG goals_icons-individual-cmyk-11.jpg



Why invenio

Each client is unique. Therefore, we design customized turnkey programs.

We work on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Organization making sure that we comply with them.

The students learn with the values of the organization, besides working problem solving, innovation and creativity skills.

We generate a real impact for your organization with a high value for the whole society.

More than 13 years of experience leverage us.

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