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LEGO Family Day
LEGO together, in the company, as a family!

LEGO® FAMILY DAY is the perfect experience for companies that want their employees to bond together in a friendly and fun way, both with each other and their loved ones.

Taking part in the different activities, families work together and build with LEGO® the most creative atmosphere they can think of.

The activities connect kids with their parents’ workplace in an exciting and entertaining way, positively impacting both the families and the company reputation.

  • Indoor & Outdoor

  • Groups adapted to clients' needs

  • Duration: 1h - 1 day

Best for
  • Creativity

  • Employees care

  • Learning in family

"Definitely the workshop that has had best reception. Impressive how the children enjoyed it. Being able to do it with your family makes it better than other activities."

Automotive company employee.

Family Day LEGO

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