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LEGO Robotics
Adopt innovation in a new environment

Faced with the challenges of designing and programming a robot to execute missions, participants develop skills that are necessary for leading and innovating in teams.

A unique teambuilding experience that reflects real business situations using real robots.

The value of this workshop is the personalization and alignment of the debrief with the message that the client wants to convey. We know that each client is unique and so are their needs. Therefore, we listen carefully, understand your unique needs and define together the objectives to be met.

  • Indoor

  • Group: 10 - 100 participants

  • Duration: 60 - 90 min

  • Personalized debrief 

Best for
  • Innovation

  • Leadership

  • Treamwork

"We had a lot of fun discovering how to complete our missions and we took the lessons we learnt to have a great impact"

HR director. Law firm

Teambuildig Tecnologia

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