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LEGO Re-connect
Re-connect with your team and your strategy adopting a  positive actitude of change post crisis

The situation that we are currently living and the measures taken are changing the way we work and how we consume.

With LEGO® RE-CONNECT teams will explore how to prepare for a post-crisis world, adopting a positive attitude towards the current situation and about the future rather than sitting down and waiting for a return to the past.

If we agree that these changes are here to stay ...

  • How do we react as a team?

  • How do we embrace teamwork, agility, resilience, and motivation to resist the challenges of a changing environment?

  • How can I contribute to the team?

  • What will the company "start" again after the lockdown?

  • How can we renew our products or business models to better serve new customer demands?

LEGO® RE-CONECTA is a workshop for teams that understand this situation as an opportunity to get ready for new scenarios and new customers' needs from the knowledge of the capabilities and strengths of the team.

  • Indoor 

  • Group: 6 - 100 participants

  • Duration: 3h 

  • From 20 eur per persona

Best for
  • Teamwork

  • Business Strategy

  • Change Management

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