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Thinkers of Tomorrow



The solutions of tomorrow we begin to think them today.

Thinkers of Tomorrow is a place where participants develop and feed their innovative and creative spirit. A total immersion of two weeks where participants give solutions to the challenges of the moment using their curiosity, imagination and technology.

A program open to girls and boys from 11 to 14 years old with the desire to explore and learn that takes place at the 22@, the heart of innovation in Barcelona. Participants work on their projects, guided by professionals from each sector who share their knowledge, and motivate participants to think and bring their ideas to life.

But as an idea it is not an innovation until the market accepts it (according to the MIT), during these two weeks, additionally participants learn to communicate and market their ideas as if they were real products.

What matters


Participants design and create solutions related to Ciborg human body parts


Starts June 29th and ends July 10th. Two-week intensive.  Monday to Friday, 9h - 15h with flexible arriving time


Breakfast and fresh and healthy food. Menu adapted to any food restriction


Founders will each give a masterclass in their area of ​​expertise and a team of professionals in their areas that contribute with their knowledge in design, programming and construction


All classes are in English


Engineering notebooks, computers and all necessary tools and materials are included. You can bring your computer if you'd like


Thinkers of Tomorrow summer program 2020 takes place in the ​​22@

Final event

Last day presentation open to family, friends and experts of the sector so we can all listen and see all participants' projects

Bionc body parts

Program content

Have you thought about super powers? Can you imagine a machine working integrated to a human? Why can't we do it too?

During this program, girls and boys will explore natural behaviors of other species and create mechanical accessories integrated into the human body to extend and push our physical abilities to the limit.

Skills developed

Industrial design






Digital Fabrication (3d printing, laser-cutting)

3d Modeling



The enrollment of the participants is processed in strict order of arrival. This year 2020, Thinkers of Tomorrow will accept a maximum of 18 participants. Registration is limited and the place will be formalized with the final payment.


To start the reservation process you must complete the registration with the requested information. Once received, we will send you a document with the steps to follow to make the reservation.



Your request has successfully been sent!


Founding Managing Director, MIT Entrepreneurship Center (1996-2009)

Chairman & CEO, Entrepreneurship Ventures Inc. 

Visiting Professor, ESADE Business School

This summer camp is inspired by the motto of MIT "Mens et Manus", Mind and Hands that faithfully reflects the founding origins of MIT, hands-on training



How did Thinkers of Tomorrow start

The Thinkers of Today seek and prepare the Thinkers of Tomorrow.

This initiative comes together from the concerns of 2 Thinkers of Today entrepreneurs who, after coinciding in the past, decide to join their purpose of creating a better future by empowering young girls and boys. Ricard Huguet (MIT) entrepreneur and concerned about scientific vocations and Jorge Salas (Harvard) serial technology entrepreneur, jointly develop this wonderful project: Thinkers of Tomorrow.

We firmly believe that if we transmit girls and boys from a young age, not only the importance of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, but also the importance of Social and Corporate Responsibility and ethics, when they are decision makers, they will transfer these lessons to the foundations of business, changing the world each of them from their prism (technology, ecology, health ...)

Ricard Huguet.JPG

Managing Director invenio


MSc in Management of Technology at MIT

Exponential Technologies at Singularity University


Co-founder bound4blue

Graduated in Aerospace Engineering at UPC

MBA at Harvard Business School with honors

"The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing" Albert Einstein

Preguntas Frecuentes


Which age group is attending Thinkers of Tomorrow?

Participants are as young as 11 years of age and as old as 14 years


What kind of student is a good fit for Thinkers of Tomorrow?

Young people eager to create new things, use technology and work as a team with equally motivated participants


How do we ensure that all participants receive personal attention?

The ratio of educational team per participant is approximately 1 to 6


Where is Thinkers of Tomorrow located?

The program takes place in the 22@


What are the program hours?

The sessions begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 3:00 p.m. with a half-hour breakfast break and a one-hour lunch break


How early may students arrive and how late may they stay?

The time of entry is flexible. They can arrive from 8 am without prior notice but must leave at 3 pm. There is no additional charge for arriving earlier


Are breakfast and lunch included?

Mid-morning breakfast and lunch with daily service are provided. The cost of breakfast and lunch is included in the enrollment. However, if participants wish, they can bring their own food, especially if they have any special food needs or preferences. Thinkers of Tomorrow has a fridge and microwave that can be used


Can participants leave during mealtime?

Both during lunch or breakfast time, participants cannot leave unless authorized by the tutors. In that case, they will not be supervised


What materials do participants need to bring?

Participants don’t have to bring any material, although if they want, they can bring their personal computer. All the materials and resources necessary to develop your projects are delivered during the program


What is the recommended attire?

Participants must wear comfortable clothes to work with tools and must wear closed shoes (no flip flops). We also recommend bringing an additional sweatshirt


If tutors have any concerns during the program, who should they contact?

Tutors should contact the Program Coordinator by email or by phone   +34 660-579-748.

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