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You Speak. We listen. We ignite the change

In today’s challenging work environment, companies must continually improve the productivity of their teams, or else risk falling behind.

For those who believe in learning by doing, we introduce comprehensive workshop solutions in the areas of innovation, creativity and teamwork. We are committed to understanding your business needs in order to customize your workshop for maximum impact.

Our customers from many industries tell us that our workshops fostered innovation, created outstanding effective teams, promoted talent, and increased their company's overall performance.

We are passionate about helping our clients become more competitive, while having fun in doing so.



Teambuilding for businesses

Working as a team is the key to success


Faced with the challenge of building the longest bridge possible, only teams that behave like a real team, and that seek to take risks and without fear of failure, are able to move forward successfully.


  • Tailor-made debrief by senior consultant

  • Indoor & Outdoor

  • Group: 10 - 300 participants

  • Duration: 1 - 1.5h

  • Best for: Team work | Communication | Innovation

Workshop tecnología

Adopt innovation in a new environment

Faced with the challenge of programming a robot to execute missions, participants develop the necessary skills to lead and innovate in teams.

A teamwork experience that reflects real business situations using real robots.

  • Tailor-made debrief by senior consultant

  • Group: 10 - 100 participants

  • Duration: 1 - 1.5h

  • Best for: Innovation | Leadership | Team work


Discover more about your team

Deepens the process of reflection and contributes to an effective dialogue for the entire organization. Based on the fact that learning "hands-on minds-on" results in a more meaningful and deeper understanding, LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is an innovative and experiential process designed to improve business performance.

  • Indoor & Outdoor

  • Group: 6 - 500 participants

  • Duration: 3h to 3 days

  • Best for: Team identity | Business strategy | Change management

Workshop creatividad

Develop your creativity, build freely

Encourage your team to build freely, showing their most creative side. Through LEGO bricks, participants carry out their own constructions, which they must then put together as a team to turn their creations into a single macro-sculpture.

  • Indoor & Outdoor

  • Group: 6 - 1,500 participants

  • Duration: 1h - 2 days

  • Best for: Creativity | Innovation | Free game

Workshop LEGO

Customized, for you

Imagine an activity with LEGO bricks and... we make it happen! We take advantage of our 15 years of experience, together with LEGO bricks to design a workshop that suits your needs. The challenge goes from the construction of a logo to any other element that builds impact on your brand.

  • Indoor & Outdoor

  • Group: 6 - 1,000 participants

  • Duration: 1h - 3 days

  • Custom goal | Brand impact

Family Day

LEGO together, in the company, as a family!

The perfect experience for companies that want their employees and loved ones to come together in a friendly and fun way. Families work together and build with LEGO the most creative environment imaginable, positively impacting them and the reputation of the company.

  • Groups adapted to the client's needs

  • Duration: 1h - 1 day

  • Creativity | Employees care | Learning in family

Workshop RSC

Teambuilding with a great impact


Specially designed to help your organization have a real impact and visibility on society. We customize your workshop to align the social contribution and commitment of employees with your business objectives. Teamwork will be key to achieving a greater social contribution.

  • Groups adapted to clients' needs

  • Durarion: 1h - 2h

  • Social  Responsibility |  Sustainability  |  Teamwork

Why invenio

Each client is unique. Therefore, we adapt the team building workshop to the skills you want to work on, reinforcing the message to be transmitted to the team.

We streamline LEGO Business Workshops for companies, getting all the participants involved and having fun playing with LEGO.

We debrief the activity with the participation and contributions of all the participants. We link the learnings and the conclusions of the activity to the work environment so that participants can take valuable content with them.

Workshop innovacion

A new innovation mindset

The right innovation workshop to develop the innovation skills that will help your company remain competitive in this fast business environment transformation. A hands-on workshop designed to unleash new ways of thinking at all levels of your organization building creative confidence and competence.

  • Groups adapted to the client's needs

  • Duration: 1 day

  • Innovation booster | Design Thinking | Business Strategy

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